Our Approach

We farm too. We know what it’s like to write the check for these products and we know what it feels like when things don’t go perfectly.

Having said that we realize that you can’t save your way to prosperity…so lets find some common ground and use Precision Ag to help your bottom line.

Our Story

My name is Ed Kasper and I started using Precision Planting products in 2006. Not long after that I was asked if I would be interested in being a dealer. I took the leap of faith and bought a $4,500 test stand and did the training to become a dealer. That first year I sold $6,000 in products (gross). Needless to say year number one wasn’t my most profitable.

Too stubborn to quit I set off into the next few years with confidence that Precision Planting products would make a difference for my customers. With a little time and persistence the ball started rolling and things began to get busy. Since then, locally, nationally, and internationally I’ve been able to help make Precision Agriculture make sense to growers all over the world.

As our business grew we added products to help our customers. Ag Leader was the biggest addition, Yetter, Martin, and 360 Yield Center have all been great compliments to our business and what we do for our customers.

There’s lots of changes going on these days. Hard to tell who will acquire whom and how it will all turn out. But one thing remains the same. Our job is to make Precision Ag make sense to our customers.

 Here’s a great picture of my daughter and I at last years county fair. She’s my right hand man (daughter) and loves farming more than I do.


 This is our summer-time hobby. Lots of guys go hunting or fishing, maybe they golf or play cards. Not me…I like to tractor pull. Catch us at a Badger State Tractor Pullers event sometime this summer.