Y Drop Sidedress

It’s the time of year where I spend most of my day on the phone with growers from all over the corn belt. Whether it’s questions about planter attachments, or monitors the growers have an idea in their mind but they want someone with hands on experience to verify what’s in their head.

This year Y Drop has been a popular topic of conversation. Some people are adding Y Drop to the sprayer they already have and some are getting a sprayer with the intention of bringing their application in-house with the added benefit of Y Drop sidedress application. It makes sense on a lot of levels but most of all it puts them in control of their crop.

But not everybody has enough acres to justify a self propelled sprayer. That’s where Y Drop Sidedress has gotten the attention of a lot of growers. Many already own a sidedress bar and have reached a point where the coulters, bearings, and/or knives are worn enough that it makes sense to replace them with Y Drop sidedress instead of replacing all of the iron.

You get the benefits of applying the nitrogen at the base of the plant vs. middle of the row which gives you two benefits. First it doesn’t crack the ground like a coulter will. A lot of growers tell me they run the combine in the fall and can look down and see the cracks from the sidedress coulter even four months after application. The other benefit is that by applying at the base of the plant you don’t need as much water to take the nitrogen to the roots. We’ve seen a heavy dew that fell off the corn plant to the base of the stalk be enough to carry the nitrogen down to the roots. Not to mention the fact that Y Drop Sidedress puts the nitrogen at the roots instead of the middle of the row where the roots may or may not catch the nitrogen.

This picture does a good job of showing that nitrogen moves straight down, not side-to-side.

Business investors talk about treating your dollar bills like soldiers. You don’t send your soldiers out to slaughter. You prepare them and send them out to be successful and bring back the spoils of victory and more soldiers. So when you decide where to invest your money (soldiers) this spring take a good look at Y Drop and Y Drop sidedress. It’s an investment that can make good sense on a lot of levels.

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